eye tests  glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us
eye tests glasses  contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us
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FREE SECOND PAIR of frames or lenses* or Free Eye Test.
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Our extensive range for men and women, young and not so young, has been sourced direct from independent often family-run designers from across Europe and beyond.

Whilst we stock the regulars (the likes of Ray Ban and Paul Smith), we much prefer the individual, the artist, the craftsmen and women who's designs are shaping trends. There are no middlemen, no quotas to fill. Just timeless craftsmanship and design from designers you may not expect.

They use the usual high quality materials (Acetate, stainless steel) and some you might not have seen before (wood, buffalo horn).

And the range of styles is endless - modern, designer, sleek, stylish, retro, vintage, classic, clean or professional. Rimless or screwless. Saddle or keyhole. Something light, something bold, something spirited, something mysterious.

Everyone wants something different and our fully trained advisers are happy guide you through the practical details of frame, fit and comfort.

I don't want to feel like I'm paying for a name. I would rather pay for craft and skill. Elvia V, Hoxton
Glasses Moscot
Lens Types Oliver Peoples
Moscot Lindberg
Oliver Peoples IC! Berlin
Lindberg Alain Mikli
IC! Berlin Ann & Valentin
Alain Mikli Face a Face
Ann & Valentin
eye tests glasses contact lenses  sunglasses aftercare find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses  aftercare find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare  find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us 

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Special Offers

One offer per customer

Offer 1: Free Eye Test

With any set of frames and lenses (or £65 standard).

Offer 2: 10% Off Branded Frames

Selected frames from Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, IC Berlin, Alain Mikli, Anne et Valentin, Face a Face.

Offer 3: 10% Off Lenses

When you buy a full set of Moscot glasses.

Thinking of a 2nd pair?

There's never been a better time to consider getting a 2nd pair of glasses, so why not take advantage of these exclusive offers:

Offer 4: Free 2nd Pair of Lenses

Basic single vision only.

Offer 5: Free 2nd Pair of Frames

From a selected range. Includes basic single vision lenses.