eye tests  glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us
eye tests glasses  contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us
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Anne et Valentin’s frames are much more than simple accessories.

Now, they won’t go as far as calling them pieces of art but we can promise, cross our hearts, that their collections steer clear of fashion diktats and pave the way beyond trends.

They make eyewear that makes heads turn.

Behind the walls of Anne & Valentin’s creation studio, their designers imagine each new frame with one goal in mind: to create glasses that look like you and which you can live with.

Their glasses are made to be worn, so they think and control their designs in order to offer their customers more freedom: the freedom to BE YOURSELF, both as obviously and as unexpectedly as possible.

Anne & Valentin’s sole existence is due to... Anne and Valentin.

When these two forces of nature were struck by lightning during a chance encounter, Fate offered them a future, which they shared professionally and personally for thirty years, their hearts beating as one.

The deeply united couple spent their lives nurturing and expanding their brand over time.

In Toulouse, where the company was founded and where its headquarters still harbor the core of the team, the Anne & Valentin lively spirit has been an inspiration to many.

And while their creations are original, colorful and lively, they are, above all, objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements, and respect for those who wear them.

Eyelevel Opticians, Islington, are an official London stockist of Anne & Valentin glasses and eyewear.

Ann & Valentin
eye tests glasses contact lenses  sunglasses aftercare find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses  aftercare find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare  find us
eye tests glasses contact lenses sunglasses aftercare find us 

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With any set of frames and lenses (or £65 standard).

Offer 2: 10% Off Branded Frames

Selected frames from Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, IC Berlin, Alain Mikli, Anne et Valentin, Face a Face.

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When you buy a full set of Moscot glasses.

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